We understand that our customers demand world-class information technology infrastructure that is agile, flexible and scalable. Our Managed services offerings enable this. Achieving this is all about effective integration within the back and front office, the connectivity layer, security and data protection areas.

StorTech offers the skills, expertise and services that are designed to exceed our customer's business expectations. By offering a unique, componentised approach through towers of services and applications, we are able to offer choice as to the type of Managed Service engagement you require. We can easily manage a single aspect of our customers operations, or provide an entire end-to- end managed service.

We continue to strategically invest in our Managed Services business in terms of resources, offerings and capabilities. These services include rapid response 24/7 service desk services, monitoring and alerting, LAN management, along with desktop and operating system management. We view these services as the most critical aspects of any customer's business. Our growing success in this space is built on our world class accredited skills base and our flexible managed services model aimed at addressing specific customer needs.


Managed Base OS

The importance of your base operating system should not be underestimated, as this is the software that serves as thelink between the hardware and the other programs on a system. Without a base operating system, you will be unable to get any of your programs or applications to run.

The base operating system comprises the fundamental files that any given computer requires in order to boot up and function properly; effectively, this system software manages all the other programs residing on the machine.

Where the difficulty arises for most organisations is in the fact that there are numerous base operating systems to choose from, with each providing not only its own graphical user interface (GUI), but also its own manner of managing files and folders and installing and running programs written specifically for that operating system.

Moreover, because the operating system serves as the fundamental user interface between the computer and the employee, it plays a significant role in how users interact with their devices.



  • Support for mutliple operating systems.
  • Based on ITIL best practices.
  • End-to-end management on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • Security
  • Compliant with licensing standards.
  • Skilled and effective management of your Base Operating system.

Managed Security

There is no doubt that regulatory compliance provides the business foundation for security within an organisation, therefore enterprises need to tackle all security challenges from a business perspective. It is thus critical that security is managed on an end-to-end basis.

There is no doubt that regulatory compliance provides the business foundation for security within an organisation, therefore enterprises need to tackle all security challenges from a business perspective. It is thus critical that security is managed on an end-to-end basis.
A number of security drivers exist and these all need to be taken into account when developing an organisation's security strategy.



  • End-to-end security management.
  • Protection against threats.
  • Regulatory and best practise security compliance ensured.
  • Multi-vendor solutions.
  • Built on 18 critical security base lines.



Managed lan

Your network infrastructure is crucial to effective operations but it is not core to your business. Instead let StorTech help you to deliver business value better and faster than ever before.

Why concern yourself with issues like network switches, firewalls, wireless and gateway services and cabling when you can talk to a LAN Managed Services provider? StorTech will provide a service that encompasses the evaluation, analysis, planning, implementation, operation, management and monitoring of your LAN.

We understand that what customers require is a solution that releases them from the day-to-day management of their LAN infrastructure. With the remote managed service, we centrally manage customer environments and customer LAN's are kept running smoothly, faults within the LAN are proactively dealt with and end-user services are expertly delivered through our 24/7 service desk.



  • Reduce operating costs by 20-30%.
  • Providing a 24x7x365 service desk with monitoring and alerting.
  • Increased productivity.
  • System health checks and detailed reporting.
  • Fixed monthly consumption based fee.


Managed Desktops

Placing your organisations desktop management in the hands of a service provider is a big decision for any company. StorTech understands this and knows that we are uniquely positioned to take on such responsibilities.

StorTech's view of effective desktop management for your organisation is that it requires a comprehensive approach, as it entails managing all the devices – not merely the desktops, but also laptops and other smart devices – and keeping track of hardware and software components in this system of personal computers from a central location. Our Desktop Managed Service includes the installation and maintenance of hardware and software, as well as spam filtering and the administration of users. We view security-related tasks as part and parcel of a Desktop Managed Service and therefore these are bundled into a comprehensive Desktop Managed Service. These tasks can include fighting viruses and spyware, and controlling applications installed by employees without corporate approval, such as instant messaging, file sharing programs and RSS readers.

StorTech provides our customers with an end-to-end Desktop Managed Service. Tailor-made solutions based on industry standards makes our services unique and can include the sourcing and installation of preferred hardware, the maintenance and monitoring thereof and regular reports on any and all hardware changes, as well as failures.



  • Management of all devices in your organisation.
  • Automated monitoring of all devices.
  • End-to-end secure, maintained and administered environment.
  • Enabling virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.

Managed Backup and Data Recovery

Backup & recovery is of critical importance to organisations, as it is vital to not only identify potential impacts and threats to the business, but also to provide a framework to ensure resilience and the capability to effectively respond to unplanned incidents & disaster outages.

When it comes to Data Backup & Recovery Services, business needs are simple: regardless of the nature of the interruption, companies want to be online and available as rapidly as possible. The longer they are offline, the more money they stand to lose and the more reputational damage they will incur. Ultimately, they want to know that their data is secured, properly protected and effectively backed up. Only if all of the above is true can they be sure that their data can quickly be restored in the instance of a disaster.

Companies not only want to know that they are able to access their backed up information as rapidly as possible, but they also want to return to operational level as cost effectively as possible. This becomes a much tougher proposition when one considers the data deluge that enterprises are facing today.

The answer to these challenges is to utilise a managed services provider to deliver Data Backup & Recovery Services. StorTech is able to offer such services either via the management of a customers' existing infrastructure, or alternatively by providing it as a hosted service, referred to as Backup as a Service (BaaS).


  • Rapid & cost effective provision of Backup & Recovery solutions.
  • High availability guaranteed.
  • Rapid and scalable implementation.
  • Peace of mind with our secure and redundant Tier Three data centre.
  • Reduced licensing, maintenance requirements.



For information on our Managed Database Solution please contact us



The advent of converged infrastructures that enable voice, video and data to be transported over a single network have massively altered the pace and structure of business communications.
For one thing, this convergence has provided businesses with unmatched cost savings, along with increased resilience and improved productivity.

Clearly, whether one is talking about voice, data or video services, one needs to talk to the right managed services provider to deliver the kind of innovative services that will help to take your business forward.

StorTech is the partner you need to assist your organisation in gaining access to the range of benefits that these evolving and innovative offerings can deliver. Whether you already have the existing infrastructure on premise or wish to host it offsite, we can offer a solution to meet your requirements.


  • Remote communication from anywhere in the world.
  • Video conferencing via managed video gallery.
  • Complete hosted and managed service enabled by our partnership with Vodacom.
  • Best of breed equipment for best fit infrastructure.
  • Integration to our Base Operating system and LAN Managed services.